A Health Monitor

H.I. Cat Litter is an innovative litter that detects early urinary tract or bladder problems. Older cats in particular are more likely to suffer from urinary tract infections, including struvite stones or oxal stones are known complaints.

The cat owner only recognizes the symptoms if they themselves notice that the cat shows symptoms of disease, but the inflammation has been going on for some time and the cat is in extreme pain.

H.l. Cat Litter contains an indicator that responds to deviating values in the urine such as blood, alkaline, bilirubin or abnormal pH-level. The cat litter discolors when one of these abnormalities is detected. This way it is possible to visit the vet at an early stage to prevent painful infections

H.l. Cat Litter is a natural product of pure silicate gel and water. During a controlled process, this mixture is heated slowly at high pressure for approximately 36 hours. Micropores are created by slowly evaporating water and microcapillaries, which can absorb moisture of the urine in a few seconds. This results in an absorption ratio of at least 130%

The water from the urine is absorbed by the cat litter and then evaporates. Unpleasant odors and waste materials are bound and stored in the silica crystals. The detection of the ammonia smell is thus completely blocked. The antistatic cat litter has an antibacterial effect. The cat litter does not stick to the cat's claws.

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