Tofu Cat litter is made of a soya residue.
100% food grade raw material, nontoxic for pet, even when humans or cats eat it.



Great clumping effect and good absorption, it absorbs cat's urine in few seconds and then clumps.
Easy for cat owners to scoop out the clumped litter.
Completely soluble in water.

Good ability to eliminate odors.
Dust free, protects respiratory health for cats and their owners.
Various colors and scent for your choice.

Our basic Tofu is available in 6 colors, white, green, corn, lavender, peach, coffee brown.
Also available Tofu charcoal with an even longer lasting odor control.

We can add different flavors to your customers requirements, such like green tea, lavender, peach, apple and so on.

Best quality with competitive price .
Our products have passed CTI and SGS test, quality is guaranteed.


Available in 2 sizes:


regular size


Crunched size


all the styles of tofu cat litter particle
  •  Fast and strong liquid absorption
  •  Absorption 320% of its own weight
  •  Immediate clumping to hard clumps in seconds
  •  Small clumps and easy to scoop out
  •  Low product loss, high yield
  •  Fully soluble, toilet flush
  •  Strong and long-lasting odor control
  •  Vegetable odor and color additions 100%, safe for cat and humans
  •  Vegetable binders 100% safe for the cat and humans even when eating
  •  Very low water residual value of 6-8%
  •  No mold and bacteria formation
  •  High product hardness and no cake formation on the bottom
  •  Economical to use and dust-free, ideal for the cat's respiratory tract
  •  Biodegradable and composting for the garden
  •  100% natural in all applications and use
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