Cat litter with health indicator groep

Take control of your cat's health

It detects urinary anomalies before the earliest symptoms of the disease appear.
The normal colour ranges from pale to dark yellow, from golden to banana yellow or olive.
If you notice another colour, consult your veterinary surgeon as soon as possible!

Silica Health Indicator reacts to certain abnormal urinary elements such as blood, bilirubin, alkali etc, making
them immediately visible to the naked eye. From the age of 6, cats often develop urinary infections. However,
visible symptoms do not appear until later, when the infection is already at an advanced stage.
Most of the time, an ill cat hides its symptoms.
But with the health indicator detection system, the veterinary surgeon will be able to diagnose the problem sooner.

Silica Health Indicator cannot detect all urinary anomalies. Only your veterinary surgeon can establish a precise diagnosis.


cat litter health indicator colors Health indicator verkleuring

Silica cat litter with health indicator

Size: Soft product 0.5 - 3mm

– Sugar silica met PH indicator to diagnose cat diseases

100% Natural Eco-friendly and nontoxic.
Super liquid absorption.
Economical usage.
Dispose in waste bin or garden as natural fertilizer.

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