We are proud to present you the latest innovation in cat care.
The Original Health Indicator®, now available.
Detects anomalies in urine & tells you when a cat needs to visit the vets.
Works with almost ALL litters.
Simply spread the entire contents of this 200gr. bag HEALTH INDICATOR® evenly across the top of any type of litter.




A short moment after the cat uses the litter box compare the color of the crystals at the urination spot to the colors on the enclosed chart.
The color shows whether the cat is OK or whether the vet must be visited
After completing the test stir the HEALTH INDICATOR® into the regular litter where it will help eliminate odors.



Outer Carton

4PH parameters with Deodorizer
6 bags à 200 gram in a displaybox.
4 Displays in a carton.
Each display contains  promotional stickers.