Clumping cat litter, made of high-quality bentonite as raw materials.
We use the most advanced production and processing technology, for strong clumping and best effective deodoration.
It is easier and more convenient to scoop the used cat litter. The unique leading dust removal process can keep household environment refreshing for a long time.

Bentonite Bentonite mining

1. Strong and fast absorption ability;
Absorb pet urine and peculiar smell within a couple of seconds fully, restrain the growth of bacteria, keep the cat litter surface dry and clean, keep the air fresh.

2. Hard clumping and easy to clean up;

3. 99% Dust free

4. Montmorillonite content is above 80%.

5. Red and blue particles, beautiful & enjoyable

Production process:

Production process


Item No. CLC/HA-MS-FH02
Color White
Size φ1-3.5mm
Shape Ball
Specific gravity(g/l) 0.85
Anti-pres intenst ≥500g
Dust ≤1%




Size: 1 - 3.5 mm

COLOR: White

Apple, lemon, flower, baby powder, lavender, orange or as customers'requirements

Beware: All additives can decrease the absorption process.

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